Wally Ballard’s wife has described what seems to be a miracle. Her husband developed a very rare and very serious neurological condition named locked-in-syndrome, and shortly after, he also experienced a stroke. His family thought they would have to turn off his life support, when in reality, he actually ended up going home a couple of days later.

What Is Locked In Syndrome?

Locked in syndrome is a condition where the patient is completely aware of what is going on, but in reality, they cannot move or even communicate. They have a paralysis of all of the muscles in the body, apart from their eyes. It is actually caused by basilar artery occlusion and patients either do not survive or they end up with permanent disabilities. Mr Wally Ballard experienced a cold blast that travelled around his body, he said that he could see and he could breathe, but he could not move. Sheila, Wally’s wife, found him foaming at the mouth. She really did not believe that she would survive. She did what she could and she called for help, but the next day the family were told that they should turn off the life support. The Melbourne man was also left with a blood clot, but it is speculated that this caused the locked-in-syndrome to begin with. Wally prayed all night for a miracle, and so did his wife.

Wally’s Recovery

To her surprise, the next day, Wally rang up his wife from the hospital. He said he has experienced a miracle and that now he could walk, talk and that he even felt as fit as a fiddle. He has said himself that he thought he was going to die, but when the clot was removed Wally went back to normal.  It is very unusual for someone to survive both a blood clot and locked in syndrome, and Wally’s family had all but given up hope.

The doctors in Melbourne removed the clot and this is what triggered Wally to go back to normal. Melbourne home doctors said that they pulled it right out, and this helped to restore blood flow to the brain stem. It is well and truly a miracle that Wally survived this, but thanks to the expert team of doctors who were working by his side, he managed to pull through and now he is fitter than ever.