A very rare condition, which is known as thunderstorm asthma sends hundreds of people to the emergency room every single year. Four deaths have been confirmed in the last 12 months. Clarence Leo who is a nightclub owner and bouncer died when a wild thunderstorm hit Melbourne. The thunderstorms in Melbourne can cause the ryegrass pollen to explode and disperse huge pollen clouds over the city, although this can’t be seen, it can really cause problems for those who do have asthma. This can even affect those who have never suffered from asthma before, and the ambulance service responded to over 1800+ cases alone last year. This is six times more than the usual work for a Monday evening.

Intensive Care

This is clearly a concern and it could potentially cause problems in the future. Several people who do suffer from asthma have already been transferred to the intensive care unit and some of these people have never even experienced asthma attacks before either. If you do experience severe asthmatic symptoms, it is very important that you contract your local emergency service and this is especially the case if you have suffered from asthma before.  Emergency services have said that they have never seen anything like this before and this is just one of the many reasons why they have been so overwhelmed with cases so far.

Of course, out of hours doctors in Melbourne can help you if you are experiencing very mild symptoms and this usually does only happen after a thunderstorm. The lightning striking the pollen field could have just been a one-off, but it could easily happen again in the future. As mentioned above, this can even affect you if you have never experienced asthma before and if you do come down with symptoms then you need to do everything you can to make sure that you take your inhaler, or any anti-asthma medication that you have.


How It Could Affect You

If you have any concerns about how an incident like this could affect your asthma then contact your local GP today to see if they can help you. They would be more than happy to advise you on any questions that you have and they can also tell you what to do if you do happen to experience a severe asthma attack. Of course, asthma can come on at any time and some people have even experienced it later in their lives. If you do experience asthma later in your life or if you know that you have never had symptoms like this before then you need to do everything you can to get checked out so you can get the best result out of your healthcare. Getting tested for asthma is relatively easy and if you experience symptoms such as tightening of the chest or even trouble breathing then it is certainly something that you should look into, so make sure that you keep that in mind when the time does come for you to get started.